How To Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

If you are looking for the right professional labour law consultants, it is quite similar to any other form of service hiring. You need to make sure that you are not wasting your precious time and money and also expectations. Moreover, laws and legalities are highly sensitive matters, and it is only right that you try and find the best one for yourself.

Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

Here are some tips to find the right professional labour law consultant in the industry:

  • Ask their credentials:- You will be well within your rights to ask the background and credentials of the labour law consultants you are hiring. If they are exactly what they claim to be, they should not have any problem in sharing that information with you. Ask as many questions as you want. Make query about their previous cases, study them and look for any reputed companies that they might have served before. Don’t look for flashy, look for quality. A short but comprehensive firm portfolio is better than a long and vague one.
  • Do not fall for exaggerations:- The advertisements in brochures or posters might not be as authentic as they claim to be. Even if they answer your questions in the interview, keep an eye and ear out to catch any signs of lack of transparency, any sort of doubtful statements, any too good to be true claims – these are usually the catches which they use to get clients but you need to be careful about them.
  • Do a background check on your own:- Visit the firm website, gather as much feedback as you can online and off it, and match whether those reviews are line with what the labour law consultancy firm is claiming. If it does, then all is good and fine, you might consider hiring them. But if it does not, then we have got a problem.
  • Ask which aspects they cover:- There are various aspects of labour law – Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act and Labour Welfare Fund and much other safety, security, health and awareness, compensation and retirement schemes that fall under labour law. Before going into further details, get an idea of what all they cover in their services and whether that will suit your needs or you require something more.
  • Ask about the payment structure:- Once both the parties agree upon the services that will be rendered, it is time to get down to the topic of fees. The labour law firms have different rates depending on what service you choose. Whether it is a one-time consultation or occasional service or continuous employee and labour law management – that will decide how much you will have to pay them. Also ask whether the payment is weekly or monthly or bi-annually, at per hour basis or per employee basis, whether additional charges be included in the bill – all these needs to be absolutely clear before you jump the bandwagon.

Keep these simple tips in mind before hiring your labour law consultants, and you might be in the safe zone as far as your workforce management is concerned.

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