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Why You Need Labor Law Consultants

Are you absolutely clueless about the various issues relating to labor legislation? If you are unsure about the whole aspect, then it is time to take the help of labor law consultant. These experts are thoroughly proficient about the complexities of these legislations and can provide you relevant guidance. Hiring employees is a continuous process for any organization. This is a necessary step for the growth of your organization. The best way to find an appropriate consultant is possibly through networking. Have a talk with some of the people who have interacted with these advisers in the past.

Impact on the reputation of the organization

The reputation of a company will be at stake if the firm fails to comply with the legal rules and regulations. So here lies the importance of a skilled labor law consultants. He is the person who will be able to understand the actual importance of legal compliance. A business organization is required to have a good standing in the market. If you fail to maintain a good reputation, then the most competent people will not be attracted to your organization. Failure to act in accordance with the laws of labor will not draw the best of brains. A professional legal consultant can provide you the most effective guidance regarding the compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Sound advice

You can be saved from falling into the clutches of legal issues with the help of professional consultants. They can give you information on matters which are technically accurate. Under labor legislation, labor law audit is required to be conducted by an independent professional. This person is responsible for reporting the extent of compliance and the working conditions of the task force in a commercial setup. The labor law advisers can provide you with adequate assistance during such audits.

Protection against penalties

Despite the best of efforts for the protection of the employees, a company may still end up in a disastrous situation. Under such circumstances, an organization may have to face severe penalties. All such negative events may affect your business adversely. On top of that if you are the owner of a small sized company then you may land in a financial mess for taking care of those penalties by paying lump sum amounts. Sometimes failure to comply with the specific laws may have serious consequences such as cancellation of registration. Get rid of those situations with the help of experts.

Check out the credentials

It is a wise idea to seek assistance from consultants and safeguard your organization from legal glitches. Choosing a consultant is not an easy task. Whom you are going to select as your partner, will create the difference between a positive or negative outcome. You have to check his level of competence. Do not forget to go through his credentials. You should ask him about his portfolio of work. It is a prudent idea to have a talk with some of his past clients to get an idea of their experience in handling this specific consultant. You should always do detailed research on the net before finalizing your decision.

Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Labour Law consultants are those agencies which provide all-encompassing services for understanding, interpreting and implementing the laws and legislation related to employment and HR. These laws can be difficult to comprehend for those who do not have much of a legal background, and so these top labour consultants in Delhi are there to help you out in the same.

Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Here are some excellent labour law consultants in Delhi

  • Lexus Labour Law Consultants:- Lexus Labour Law Consultants in Delhi deal with a whole lot of issues related to labour and employment laws like Weight and Measurement, Fire NOC, CGHS empanelment, service and industrial matters, FSSAI licenses and so on. They are associated with a number of small and medium companies in Delhi and in some other Indian cities as well as Mumbai and Chennai. Lexus Labour provides employee and compliance management, factory compliance management, manpower audit, payroll services and other end-to-end labour legislation consultations.
  • EZ HR Consultant:- At EZ HR Consultant, you will not only get a comprehensive legal help regarding labour laws including audits and compliance rules, but you will also be provided with complete HR consultancy and assistance. They provide periodic training programmes for your existing workforce and orientation training for the newly recruited as well. Together they help a number of Indian youth to land the best jobs and also help the companies find the best talent for their workforce.
  • Bhasin Associates:- Bhasin Associates is a labour law consultancy firm in New Delhi working for the best interest of hiring companies as well as employees. For three decades, they have been showing expertise in the management of salary and wages, Provident Fund for employees, gratuity, safety and security and fair compensation for the working class and the middle management and so on. They specialise in drawing up tailor-made, customised workforce strategies within the grounds of labour law in a way that benefits both the parties – hirer and hired.
  •  JP Sharma Consultant:- One of the known names in the field of employment and labour Law Firm in the Delhi – NCR region, JP Sharma Consultants are advisors of labour management to a considerable number of clients. Over the last one decade and a half, they have provided service to PSUs, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, construction establishments, hotels, security services, manufacturing concerns and the ever-mighty IT industry and so on.
  • Future Age:- Future Age Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd is a pan Indian labour law firm providing HR and labour law consultancy throughout India. It takes care of a number of issues that fall under employee rights and is covered in the various labour laws of Indian constitution like Factories Act, Minimum Wages, payment of gratuity, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Taxes and so on.

The firm is a joint venture between the foreign establishment Law Forte and two Delhi-based consultancy firms Future HR Solutions Group and New Age Compact HR Solutions. Together they form one of the largest nation-wide labour compliance firms in the country.

  • There are more such labour law firms in the capital of India that provide similar services in a thereasonable and cost-effective budget.


How To Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

If you are looking for the right professional labour law consultants, it is quite similar to any other form of service hiring. You need to make sure that you are not wasting your precious time and money and also expectations. Moreover, laws and legalities are highly sensitive matters, and it is only right that you try and find the best one for yourself.

Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

Here are some tips to find the right professional labour law consultant in the industry:

  • Ask their credentials:- You will be well within your rights to ask the background and credentials of the labour law consultants you are hiring. If they are exactly what they claim to be, they should not have any problem in sharing that information with you. Ask as many questions as you want. Make query about their previous cases, study them and look for any reputed companies that they might have served before. Don’t look for flashy, look for quality. A short but comprehensive firm portfolio is better than a long and vague one.
  • Do not fall for exaggerations:- The advertisements in brochures or posters might not be as authentic as they claim to be. Even if they answer your questions in the interview, keep an eye and ear out to catch any signs of lack of transparency, any sort of doubtful statements, any too good to be true claims – these are usually the catches which they use to get clients but you need to be careful about them.
  • Do a background check on your own:- Visit the firm website, gather as much feedback as you can online and off it, and match whether those reviews are line with what the labour law consultancy firm is claiming. If it does, then all is good and fine, you might consider hiring them. But if it does not, then we have got a problem.
  • Ask which aspects they cover:- There are various aspects of labour law – Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act and Labour Welfare Fund and much other safety, security, health and awareness, compensation and retirement schemes that fall under labour law. Before going into further details, get an idea of what all they cover in their services and whether that will suit your needs or you require something more.
  • Ask about the payment structure:- Once both the parties agree upon the services that will be rendered, it is time to get down to the topic of fees. The labour law firms have different rates depending on what service you choose. Whether it is a one-time consultation or occasional service or continuous employee and labour law management – that will decide how much you will have to pay them. Also ask whether the payment is weekly or monthly or bi-annually, at per hour basis or per employee basis, whether additional charges be included in the bill – all these needs to be absolutely clear before you jump the bandwagon.

Keep these simple tips in mind before hiring your labour law consultants, and you might be in the safe zone as far as your workforce management is concerned.

How To Choose A Law Firm In Delhi To Represent Your Company

There are endless complexities involved in the legal matters of your business and searching a legal firm to deal with the issues is the best you can do to come out of the mess. When you decide to work with a Law Firm  the immediate question which comes to the mind is which firm to choose. Even if you have strong ideas to support your thoughts it is necessary to ensure that you have a fully substantiated plan to execute. There are several things you can compile to determine the veracity of the organization and way in which they offer services but finding them out in advance comes to help. There are different sizes of law firms handling different responsibilities.

While some of them deal with niche areas the rest are comprehensive in the dealings. Although the merits of handling the cases are not restricted to the size of the firm it the one with good practice is what matters the most.

Talking to the prospective lawyers:

As you narrow down a service provider it is necessary that you try to find a firm which is ideal to represent the needs of the company. You can sit face to face with a number of lawyers and try to extract how much they are familiar with the business you handle and whether they are familiar with its different entities. As far as the matter of fees is concerned you need to pay attention to the quotes carefully and find out whether the hourly rate is applicable.

You can break down the entire cost and as the conversation comes to an end you must try to get the list of the clients of the Law Firm in Delhi to make natters more credible.

Advice and explanation:

The firm that you hire must be able to provide all the explanation and clarifications in a language which is precise and clear. Not only is it important that you understand everything in plain text but it is necessary that you ask for more clarifications to understand the matter to the core.

You can also try to test the knowledge of the lawyers by stating a few sample cases that you want them to handle. Instead of waiting for the crisis to occur you need to understand that appointing a lawyer in advance can help you open the knot of the complexities with streamlined procedures.

Starting with small firm:

Even though you can start with determining the size of the law firm but working with a law firm which is small can do you favor if your needs are not grave. It also helps you save huge amount of money and the chances are that the team of lawyers will be more dedicated towards the case in a bid to earn reputation.

For instance, you may need specialized labor law consultants to resolve the matter instead of lawyers that are related to different field. Make sure you know the sphere in which you need to get the services.

Obtaining the verifications:

It is important that the firm employs lawyers registered with the society of law. You can also visit the law society to get the confirmation about the functioning of the firm and its credibility in the field of law.