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Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Law Firm

Legal complications and lawsuits have the tendency to appear from nowhere. Thus, in today’s climate of business, each and every owner of an enterprise needs to have one lawyer on their team. You need protection because these cases have a sudden way of appearing. An outside counsel from law firm really helps especially because depending on the business size you do need one attorney. Just like in your business you have other employees as a business mentor, insurance agent and an accountant hence you need to have associations with law firms. Human resource happens to be one of the most important assets and as one responsible entrepreneur, you must know ways of handling prospects. Here are five reasons you need them.

  1. Overwhelming law significance:- Managing human resource is linked inextricably with the laws of the corporate. As the manager, you must be responsible for functions like workforce channelizing, training and recruiting. However, you must pay heed to industrial laws relevance. One may be we versed well with all kinds of corporate affairs but legal nitty-gritty are not everyone’s thing hence legal compliance or association with law firms in Delhi are important. Issues related to human resources are of crucial significance. Your gap in legal knowledge shall be fulfilled besides the issues related to human resources shall be streamlined
  2. Focusing on legal compliance:- Effective ad useful solutions related to workforce shall be provided to your firm. This means right from the process of recruitment handling to improvement of skill sets of the fresh recruits with motivational lessons and training, they shall help you in multifarious ways. The top-rated law firms make you learn about enhancing overall value and administering payroll with a training of leadership. They are always there for guiding you throughout the process. At every step, they make firms enterprises aware of the contextual significance
  3. Offering legal guidance:- One has to abide by policies of human resources that government of the country has set and the legal specifications must comply to. These law firms help keep enterprises informed and build their perspective. As an outcome one never has to stay in constant fear of refuting laws because sailing time can be enjoyed smoothly.
  4. They play supportive roles:- Employees have leading roles to play thus contributing the success story of your business. Hence law firms help in building the partnership of a longer term and have carved their niche in the domain.
  5. Helps handle prospects with cautions and care:- The law firms in Delhi help handle the prospects in the best ways possible. This is mainly because a human resource is any company’s crucial asset and entrepreneurs ought to know ways for handling them with total caution. While you will always want to extract most from your workforce yet you must be aware of ways of keeping them happy. If any firm doesn’t aspire to let their objectives fall through, law firms are a necessity.

You must involve them

It is a necessity that you must employ them because they shall present you with all the right of support that your organization needs.

Why You Need Labor Law Consultants

Are you absolutely clueless about the various issues relating to labor legislation? If you are unsure about the whole aspect, then it is time to take the help of labor law consultant. These experts are thoroughly proficient about the complexities of these legislations and can provide you relevant guidance. Hiring employees is a continuous process for any organization. This is a necessary step for the growth of your organization. The best way to find an appropriate consultant is possibly through networking. Have a talk with some of the people who have interacted with these advisers in the past.

Impact on the reputation of the organization

The reputation of a company will be at stake if the firm fails to comply with the legal rules and regulations. So here lies the importance of a skilled labor law consultants. He is the person who will be able to understand the actual importance of legal compliance. A business organization is required to have a good standing in the market. If you fail to maintain a good reputation, then the most competent people will not be attracted to your organization. Failure to act in accordance with the laws of labor will not draw the best of brains. A professional legal consultant can provide you the most effective guidance regarding the compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Sound advice

You can be saved from falling into the clutches of legal issues with the help of professional consultants. They can give you information on matters which are technically accurate. Under labor legislation, labor law audit is required to be conducted by an independent professional. This person is responsible for reporting the extent of compliance and the working conditions of the task force in a commercial setup. The labor law advisers can provide you with adequate assistance during such audits.

Protection against penalties

Despite the best of efforts for the protection of the employees, a company may still end up in a disastrous situation. Under such circumstances, an organization may have to face severe penalties. All such negative events may affect your business adversely. On top of that if you are the owner of a small sized company then you may land in a financial mess for taking care of those penalties by paying lump sum amounts. Sometimes failure to comply with the specific laws may have serious consequences such as cancellation of registration. Get rid of those situations with the help of experts.

Check out the credentials

It is a wise idea to seek assistance from consultants and safeguard your organization from legal glitches. Choosing a consultant is not an easy task. Whom you are going to select as your partner, will create the difference between a positive or negative outcome. You have to check his level of competence. Do not forget to go through his credentials. You should ask him about his portfolio of work. It is a prudent idea to have a talk with some of his past clients to get an idea of their experience in handling this specific consultant. You should always do detailed research on the net before finalizing your decision.

How to Choose Top Law Firms in Five Easy Steps

Are you wondering about how you can select a leading law firm for your business? Do not be worried. All the legal services firms deal with some sort of legal representation. It is crucial for you to develop an understanding of the availability of various options so that you end up with maximum benefits. The first decision which you have to make is whether you will choose a large sized firm or a smaller one for your purpose. Do not just depend on the advertisements on billboards or television.

Choose Top Law Firms in Five Easy Steps

It is not essential to hire a lawyer for every legal matter. However, in most cases you may not like the challenge of facing the legal disputes alone. It is always a wise idea to have a legal expert on your side to tackle these issues. Here are a few tips for selecting an appropriate law firm.

  1. Initial search :- You may ask for a reference from friends and members of the family. You may be on the lookout for an attorney with the specific expertise. You may end up being disappointed with your preliminary search. Keep in mind though that a known attorney can refer to other legal representatives who will be the perfect match for your job. You can use these recommendations for finding your ideal lawyer.
  1. Local bar association :- If you do not want your acquaintances to know that you are looking for legal help due to some reason, then you can get in touch with the local bar associations. They will be able to provide you with a list of lawyers. On primary advantage of using these names is that you can be assured that these lawyers have the license requires for practicing, and they are not disbarred for using any unethical practices. You should exercise due diligence while making the selection.
  1. Online sites :- There are quite a few online sites where rating systems are available for lawyers. Some of these sites are useful for the clients as they provide accurate ratings. Beware of the additional information on these legal representatives because these are often written by the lawyers themselves. Be careful about those sites too where lawyers attain a ranking by making payments.
  1. Decide on the size :- Depending upon your legal requirement you should choose an appropriate firm. A small firm will be able to handle minor negotiations efficiently. Keep in mind that letters to your opponent from big Law firms will have more impact.
  1. Local law library :- It is time for you to do some homework. Before fixing up an initial consultation with any firm check out some of their websites. See if they have a professional touch in every aspect. It is essential for you to examine their track records. You can contact the local law library for investigating further into this matter.

Be prepared to make queries

During the initial consultation be ready to ask a lot of questions. See if they can provide satisfactory answers to your queries. Ask them about their pricing structure. Make a selection keeping the budgetary factor in mind.

How to Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Are you facing any legal issue? If you require legal representation, but you do not have to afford capability, then you have to look for other options. There are some services available for you when you are not in a position to afford legal representation. Keep in mind that these services differ from city to city and also from state to state. Even if your friends are availing of the services be prepared to have an entirely different experience from them. This difference will arise because of the nature of the work and specific location.

Service offerings

Some lawyers offer pro bono services. These kinds of services are available free of cost. They can cover a wide variety of matters ranging from bankruptcy, family law and disability and workplace issues.

  • Legal clinics

These clinics are generally arranged by law schools. The clinics are supervised by the faculty members, and the students receive law school credit in place of their work done in the real world. In these clinics, students perform various tasks just like an attorney. They conduct research, draft briefs and other documents and interview the clients whenever necessary. The clinics give an opportunity to the third year students, and in some states, even second-year students are given a chance to appear in courts. In general, these clinics are pro bono. The students are immensely benefitted because they get practical exposure before taking a plunge in the job market. They cover various aspects of the law – community, family, human rights, immigration, environmental and tax issues.

  • Law firms

Just as the number of the law firm has shown an upward trend, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking legal assistance. Some firms provide legal  support free of cost. A vast majority of these firms get their funding from private donations, various grants, and services corporations. The legal clinics are aware of these firms. If you contact any such clinic, they will recommend you for the specialized firms from whom you can get relevant assistance in your field.

  • Contact attorneys who work pro bono

Some of the attorneys may give you substantial discounts. You may even come across an attorney who is ready to work pro bono. Some attorneys are willing to accept cases on a contingency fee basis. They are ready to represent you even if you are not in a position to pay their hourly rates. Generally, these lawyers are quite selective about the cases they accept.

Check out their competency

Some people represent themselves in court. However, this is an extremely risky affair because they do not have the adequate legal services expertise to tackle the issue in court. If you want to represent yourself in court, then you need to be prepared and study for several hours before making an appearance in court. Most people do not have so much time at their disposal. So it is a wise idea to have an attorney work on your behalf. Make sure that the quality of work is not compromised and they have adequate knowledge to deal with your specific case.

5 Legal Issues That Every Consultant Should Know

Are you planning to start out as an independent consultant? Along the way, you may come across various challenges especially legal ones. It is a wise idea to develop an understanding of these legal matters so that you can minimize the chances of falling into trouble. These issues may, of course, vary from one country to another. If you are working in an independent capacity, then you have entered into a contractual relationship with the clients. In lieu of an agreed fee, you are ready to provide services according to the contract.

Discussion of legal issues

The contracts may be either written or oral. These agreements may also be partly verbal and partly written. Some of the legal issues about which you should have a clear concept are outlined below.

  1. Legal relationship

It is always a good idea to have a written contract to avoid disputes in future. A written contract has the capability of eliminating any difficulty which may have arisen due to communication gap. Before entering into this type of contractual relationship make efforts to understand the legal Consultants obligations. You should be aware that in certain countries if you enter into the long-term contractual relationship, then your legal status may be that of an employee rather than being awarded the status of a consultant.

  1. Tax implications

When you are an employee of an organization, it is the employer who takes care of all your calculations relating to salaries and withholding of amounts for taxes payable to the government on your behalf.

  • Handle independently  Now as a consultant you are required to take care of these aspects by yourself. You are the one who is responsible for doing all the required calculations, and you also have to calculate the taxes according to the tax system prevailing in the country.
  • Know about the deductions  In many countries, most of the taxes are paid to the government on a monthly basis. Instead of landing up with a substantial tax bill at the end of the year it is always advisable to make monthly payments. Sometimes expenses related to a business may be allowed as deductions. This can reduce your tax bills to a significant extent.
  1. Value-added tax

In some countries, there are value-added taxes associated with the fees charged by the consultants. It is essential to run a check with all these provisions so that you do not face any conflicting situation later. If these kinds of fees are subject to these taxes and if you have failed to charge them to your clients then you may end up being personally responsible.

  1. Protection against lawsuits

You may be required to go in for professional insurance in certain instances. If you are working in an independent capacity, then it might so happen that your work has adversely impacted the client or you may have failed to meet the contractual obligations on your end due to some reasons. In those cases, professional insurance will offer you protection.

  1. Copyright ownership

During your consulting work, you may have created intellectual property. In such cases, you may claim property rights. You should have a prior understanding with the client about the ownership of such copyrights. All these aspects should be stated in the contract so that the client does not assume they have ownership as it is work made for hire.

Seek professional assistance

It is a prudent idea to take the help of a professional attorney while entering into contractual obligations. Before you choose any such legal services by professional, make sure that he is a reliable specialist who has a firm standing in the industry.

What are the benefits of legal consultancy services?

Hiring legal consultancy services has been a widely debated topic in businesses. While some prefer having a legal consultant at their service, others are fairly sceptical about it and opt not to. They fail to see the benefits of having a legal consultancy service permanently and prefer seeking the help of a lawyer every now and then; which is not wrong, but is not as beneficial for their trade as is hiring a Legal Consultant.

What are the benefits of legal consultancy services?

If you are one of those who fails to see the benefits a legal consultant and his services can bring to you, here’s a list that would surely help you see the myriad of benefits:

  • Cheaper representation: All business must be familiar with the fact that they will need some legal representative. While hiring a full-time lawyer can be much more expensive, hiring a legal consultancy service can be marginally cheap. To say that legal consultancy services are highly expensive is a misnomer in this sense. You do need legal services; a consultant is a cheaper option.
  • Knowledge of Laws: Every business and its activities are bound by a huge number of laws. It is presumably not possible for non-legal background persons to know them all and understand the meaning and extent of each of those laws. Hiring a Legal Consultant will mean that he will know everything legal there is to know with regards to your business and provide all information needed for the benefit of the business.
  • Strategy Planning: Planning your business strategy must be completely in line with the local, national, and even international laws. If your practices are illegal, you will be facing a lot of trouble. A legal consultant will help you chalk out your strategy to prevent any unlawful or trouble inviting practices.
  • Dealing with unforeseen situations: Even after planning out all your strategies, if an unforeseen event occurs like for example the law is changed, the legal consultant will know how to deal with the situation quickly and effectively. He will remove a huge burden off your shoulders in case of an unforeseen situation.
  • Advising: A legal consultant can provide legal advice on any step of the business. Starting from the establishment and extending to a lawsuit (which is the worst thing a business can hope for); a legal consultant will handle it all. He will provide you with all precautionary steps to avoid a lawsuit, but in case you enter one, he will help you work it out. In addition to this, he will also help you find loopholes in all your dealings that will benefit you without getting you to do anything illegal.

These are just some of the very many benefits that a legal consultancy service can provide you with. There are many more benefits that come from hiring legal services. If you are one of those who thinks hiring a legal consultant’s services is a waste of money, read the above benefits and think again!

Key Benefits Of Employee Management System

Truly speaking the employees are the greatest asset of every organization and it is necessary that are nurtured properly for various reasons. While you can count on the profits of the business with a constructive employee management system it is necessary for improving the productivity of the employees at a measured level. If you can use the internet daily for extracting all the information which is required at the workplace there if no reason that you make the human resource department understandably good with the implementation of this system. It is only likely that the management may not get time to evaluate the requirements of the employees and the level of performance which is needed by them.

You need to make the best use of the assets of the company which is the human resource. It is similar to overcome the challenges to tackle time in the most effective manner. Fortunately, you can do away with the dissatisfaction of the employees to a great extent.

Knowing whether it works:

It is important that you implement an automated system of performance appraisal for the employees but knowing whether it works or not is a different ballgame altogether. There are a lot of companies that have decided to switch over to software for managing the status of the employees and it has surely yielded the results which could not have been possible manually.

Make sure that you implement a system which is outright modern and fits into the structure of the organization. For organized, formal and standardized work procedures you must focus on an employee management system which shows effectiveness from the beginning.

Paperwork with time and attendance:

With the help of this system you can reduce the pile of papers and documents which contain employee information and if your business is big enough it will only lead to more confusion in the process.in addition to the number of hours that the employees out in an organization and maintaining a manual of regular attendance is the key of this automated system.

Quite naturally, the employees are not only more productive in this process but the problems of absenteeism can be prevented to a great extent. Furthermore, the employees are more punctual towards the duty.

Return of equipment:

Whether legal compliance is followed in the organization or not whether it is from the perspective of the employer or the employees is the biggest step you can take with the implementation of this system. Moreover, you can take care of some of the responsibilities such as managing the expenses, payroll and ensuring whether the employee has returned the equipment at the time of leaving organization.

This tool can be applied for all those companies which practice shift of rotation for alternate duty hours.

Progress of the company:

Measuring the progress of the company with the help of employee evaluation is a blessing. Instead of altering the pages of the documents which contain the information you can easily take a look at the software to gauge the progress of the company.

What you need before hiring HR Consultancy Services in Delhi?

Hiring a Human Resources or HR Consultancy Service is a vital part of any business. It is that part of every company that keeps the business running smoothly. The HR’s in an office resolve employee problems and are a means of grievance redressal within the company.

There are a lot of businesses both big and small, especially in metropolitans like Mumbai and Delhi. As such, having knowledge of the importance of an HR consultant service within the company is common in today’s day and age. However, a lot of businesses still do hire the wrong HR Consultants, and this costs them later on.

What you need before hiring HR Consultancy Services in Delhi?

So here’s how you can be sure to hire the right HR Consultancy services for your business:

  • Background Check: Whether it is your first time hiring an HR Consultancy Services or you have done it multiple times, doing a background check on all prospective HR Consultants is important. How reliable they are and how much and what quality and field they are experienced in are vital for you to know. Not every HR Consultant will be the best fit for your company.
  • Skills: Understanding the skills of your prospective HR Consultant is important. Each person has a different skill set, and you need to know what you are looking for. Also, device ways to check whether a person actually possesses those skills or is lying on the resume.
    Hypothetical situations: While interviewing your prospective employees, you would want to give them hypothetical situation which may be common in your business and ask them to present an account of how they would resolve those issues. Their approach to dealing with a given problem in a crunched time frame will present a lot of information about their abilities.
  • Be serious about this employment: It is often seen that employers do not pay much heed to their HR Department. They do not pay much attention to who they hire. This is the wrong attitude and will ultimately cost the business. As an employer, you need to be serious about the HR department and seek the best employees to fill in the position.
  • How long has the candidate been out of a job: Knowing how long the candidate has been out of a job, why he is out of a job in the first place and how many places has he interviewed in during this time, is important. If a candidate, who is not a fresher, has been out of a job for a long time and has interviewed a lot but not been selected; you may want to understand the reason behind it. If it is something like his skills not matching those required in a particular field, then it is not a big deal, but if he was not found to be reliable or professional enough, then you would want to go another way.

These are just some of the things you would want to have on your checklist to find the perfect HR Consultancy Legal Service for your business. Every business has different needs, and you need to know yours to find the best.

How to Understand the Policies of Corporate Law Firms?

Corporate Law firms are becoming more and more popular now. Whether you are looking for employment in one or are looking for legal advice or representation from one, corporate law firms are gaining an increasing amount of attention and popularity in the recent years.

One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they hire reliable lawyers to help you out at every step. They are very professional in their approach,and though they might be more expensive than other lawyers, they are sure to guarantee you the best services and cause you the least amount of loss in the worst case scenario.

How to understand the Policies of Corporate Law firms?

However, understanding the terms and conditions of set out by a corporate law firm is difficult. Follow these points if you are looking to understand the policies stated by a Corporate Law Firm in Delhi :-

  • READ: In order for you to be completely sure of what your legal firm has as its policies, you need to read everything stated in the terms and conditions pages. It will take a lot of time,but it is the only way you can be a 100% sure and well, it will be worth your time. The policies basically protect the firms from indemnification in the future.
  • Decrypt the language: Since it is a law firm that you are dealing with, the policies are bound to include a lot of legal words, including but not limited to Latin words which form a huge part of thelegal It may seem like you have been given a puzzle to solve. It might be hard to understand but you can always look up what those words or phrases mean and if you are unable to do that, you can consult a known lawyer,or someone who you think can be of help.
  • Understand the intention: Every law firm aims to provide you with the best results. But more than that, it aims at protecting itself in case it is unable you help you out in your case as you expected or as the firm promised you. Therefore the policies laid down by the firm before you are primarily aimed at protecting the firm from any lawsuit.
  • Do not agree easily: The policies laid down by the firm have an agreement clause which is basically stating that you have read and understood the policies and bear responsibility in case of occurrence of any. Do not ever sign in that part unless you are completely aware and in the understanding of the policies.
  • Know your case well: The policies cover all possible scenarios, most of which might not be relevant to your case. You should know every detail and the nature of your case while you go through the law firm policies to be sure that none of them is against your interest. Diligence is the key rule here.

These are some basic ways to understand the law firm policies. Corporate law firms can be found in abundance now especially in metropolitan cities. Corporate Law firms in Delhi, offer all kinds of services. You can even find specific law firms in Delhi, which deal in specific kinds of legal matters.