Understanding The Purpose Of HR Policy Manual

One of the basic purposes of HR manual is to provide the employees with a guide to begin work. Employees rendering services in an organisation have the right to know the benefits that they ought to get, the rules and regulations and the schemes of appraisal which may not be possible without a proper guide. While every company should try to provide a guideline to the employees telling them more about the regulations that are to be followed and the policies that govern a business, it has to be a comprehensive account. What exactly should the employees know about the recruitment procedure and the ways in which the company tries to bring in the changes really well?

HR Policy Manual

Promotion and Compensation:

Promotion is one of the aspects which ring a bell in the mind of every employee and all of them want to discuss about the issues of compensation. Typically, the employees that have good standing in the company are nominated for promotion but the policies must be narrated in detail to them.

For compensation which is to be procured from a business, the role of hr policy manual is invaluable. It is the scope of responsibility although the efforts and the skills have a role to play as well. How is the information circulated among the employees within a vast organisation and it is here that you learn more about the value of the manual which includes the policies of the HR.

Training For Employees:

Every company organises training program for the employees which allows them stay updated with the recent happenings across the globe. The employees who have joined the organisation recently can go through the hr policy manual to get more information about the impending programs of training.

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