Best Divorce Lawyers For Legal Advice in Delhi

It is believed in our culture that the marriages are made in heaven. However sometimes two good persons may find it difficult to continue their marital relationship due to differences that are hard to resolve. Deciding to separate on legal grounds can be the most painful decision in anyone’s life. That is the reason; we offer legal advice and representation from our most qualified and experienced Divorce Lawyers in Delhi that would understand the consequences and advice the clients whatever would be best for them..

Attempts to retain marriage:

In India, according to the Hindu Marriage Act, the Divorce Lawyers in Delhi would initially try to sort out and resolve the issues and differences between the couples suggesting them some behavioral exercises that the clients are supposed to practically implement for next few days. These are some practical efforts by the marriage counselor to encourage the couples to resolve the issues to continue their ties.

Legal process for divorce:

When the couple would be absolutely firm on separation; the Divorce Lawyers in Delhi we offer would continue the legal procedures for filing the case and sending the notice to the partner of the clients. The experienced lawyers that have successful track record of handling hundreds of cases in the family court would be always with the clients through the complete process of divorce.

The Divorce Lawyers in Delhi at our law firm would direct and guide you regarding every action you take during the process of divorce. This is crucial phase as any wrong step may go against you in the court. Therefore it is essential that you discuss your priorities with the expert lawyer and let him tell you what you should do and what you need to avoid protecting your rights.

Claims for compensation and maintenance:

Especially when you are a lady with limited or no source of earning the law offers you the right to get paid from the partner even after your divorce for your routine maintenance. You can discuss with the Divorce Lawyers in Delhi regarding the possibilities of a onetime settlement in the court to get a lump sum amount as compensation as well. This is a systematic process and the Divorce Lawyers in Delhi would help you through this tactfully.

Decisions regarding child custody:

At the time of divorce if you have kids; there needs to be discussions in the court of law to claim the custody of the child after divorce. Usually this would go in favor of the mother of the child as contribution of the mother in bringing up the child is important. Divorce Lawyers in Delhi would represent you in the court of law to get the orders in your favor.

Even the father can claim the custody depending upon the inability of the divorcing mother to bring up the child due to many reasons that would be discussed in the court. Thus the professional divorce lawyers would be with you throughout the process of divorce. The professional divorce lawyers would utilize the best of their capabilities and expertise to get justice for you.

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