What does Liaisoning Service Entail?

Legal matters and their compliance is a very difficult treading path. It can either make or break the very backbone of a company.  The job of the consultancy law firms providing liaisoning services is to make sure that their client companies sail through the various legal complexities that pop up, without any hitches.

What does liaisoning service entail?

Companieshire liaisoning services so that the legal aspects of the company are taken care of and always on the right track. Following are the key responsibilities of a liaisoning services provider:

  1. Registration and documentation: To run any business, proper documentation is extremely important. It forms the very foundation of the whole organisation. It falls under the job description of the  liaisoning services firm to make sure that their client follows the right process of application for documents like trade license and logistics permission, rent agreements, registrations, verifications and NOCs and so on. If the base of the organisation goes wrong, further complications are bound to arise in due time that will not only jeopardise the future of the firm but also cause legal penalties.


  1. Compliance with legal laws: Government rules and regulations are an inseparable part of running any organisation. Liasoning services include the guarantee of legal compliance. Business laws have a lot of complicated layers and aspects and are hard to maintain because of the number of parties involved. A company has to comply with labour laws, contractual laws, laws regarding debtors, creditors and suppliers, ownership and partnership laws, share market laws, corporate laws, infrastructural laws, tax laws, environmental laws and the list goes on. It is the responsibility of the consultancy firm to make sure that their client company’s business affairs are in complete accordance with every organisational law set down by the constitution.


  1. Audit and solutions: Even if the consultancy firm has not been involved from the inception of the company, a liaison service officer can still offer consultation regarding the situation. Among the liaisoningservices provided, audit and analysis of the existing legal condition of the organisation, finding the possible glitches and drawbacks and offering necessary corrective measures are some. Theliaisoning officer studies the current dynamics of the company and offers recommendations that would incorporate the legal laws firm and company policies together.


  1. Continuous update: Legal laws are subject to change. The bigger Acts of the IPC are not that flexible, but minor changes in tax laws or Chartered Accountancy rules keep happening once in a while. Liasoning services include notifying the client company about such changes so that they can update their system accordingly and not fall behind in legal compliance.


  1. Assistance in legal hassles: Running a business and occasional legal complications go hand in hand. Liasoning services assist the client companies to get out of such situations with the least possible harm to their financial condition or company reputation. So in a way, liaisoningconsultancy firms help the companies to preserve their good name in the market.

A good law consultancy firm offers all the above services and more.

How to Choose Top Law Firms in Five Easy Steps

Are you wondering about how you can select a leading law firm for your business? Do not be worried. All the legal services firms deal with some sort of legal representation. It is crucial for you to develop an understanding of the availability of various options so that you end up with maximum benefits. The first decision which you have to make is whether you will choose a large sized firm or a smaller one for your purpose. Do not just depend on the advertisements on billboards or television.

Choose Top Law Firms in Five Easy Steps

It is not essential to hire a lawyer for every legal matter. However, in most cases you may not like the challenge of facing the legal disputes alone. It is always a wise idea to have a legal expert on your side to tackle these issues. Here are a few tips for selecting an appropriate law firm.

  1. Initial search :- You may ask for a reference from friends and members of the family. You may be on the lookout for an attorney with the specific expertise. You may end up being disappointed with your preliminary search. Keep in mind though that a known attorney can refer to other legal representatives who will be the perfect match for your job. You can use these recommendations for finding your ideal lawyer.
  1. Local bar association :- If you do not want your acquaintances to know that you are looking for legal help due to some reason, then you can get in touch with the local bar associations. They will be able to provide you with a list of lawyers. On primary advantage of using these names is that you can be assured that these lawyers have the license requires for practicing, and they are not disbarred for using any unethical practices. You should exercise due diligence while making the selection.
  1. Online sites :- There are quite a few online sites where rating systems are available for lawyers. Some of these sites are useful for the clients as they provide accurate ratings. Beware of the additional information on these legal representatives because these are often written by the lawyers themselves. Be careful about those sites too where lawyers attain a ranking by making payments.
  1. Decide on the size :- Depending upon your legal requirement you should choose an appropriate firm. A small firm will be able to handle minor negotiations efficiently. Keep in mind that letters to your opponent from big Law firms will have more impact.
  1. Local law library :- It is time for you to do some homework. Before fixing up an initial consultation with any firm check out some of their websites. See if they have a professional touch in every aspect. It is essential for you to examine their track records. You can contact the local law library for investigating further into this matter.

Be prepared to make queries

During the initial consultation be ready to ask a lot of questions. See if they can provide satisfactory answers to your queries. Ask them about their pricing structure. Make a selection keeping the budgetary factor in mind.

Five Reasons Why Companies Outsource Their Payroll

Are you the owner of a mid-sized business and you are stressed out all the time managing the payroll operations? Well, reduce the payroll stress by outsourcing these functions. In recent times, there is a growing trend among the business organizations of outsourcing these payroll processing functions. In the past, this exposure was restricted, and only the large-sized organizations could take advantage of the situation. No longer do the small concerns have to face such limited choices.

Why do you need to outsource

Just like content marketing or sales, payroll is a vital part of any business organization. The entire procedure revolves around the concept of rewarding and retaining of employees and providing them adequate compensation for the job performed by them. Errors in the calculation will lead to serious consequences. Eventually, you will end up with an unhappy bunch of employees if you drop the ball at any stage.

  1. Saving of time

If you do the payroll internally, you will realize that it is a time-consuming matter. These tasks may lead to severe frustration because of the complexity of the calculations. It is not a simple task to keep track of new recruitments and their dismissal. On top of that, you have to calculate their wages, salaries, leave absences and the amount to be withheld for tax purposes. You have to make sure that all these tasks are done in accordance with the state and federal regulations. If you outsource these tasks, you will end up with a significant amount of time in your hands.

  1. Cost reduction

A big sized organization will not have much trouble in maintaining a Payroll Services department separately. However, a small-sized firm or a medium-sized enterprise cannot in most cases, afford to have an in-house process. If you have only a few employees in your concern, then you are probably being better off by outsourcing this job.

  1. Avoid audit and penalties

Late or inaccurate filing is a common occurrence in every business. The penalties in such cases may be quite costly. Such mistakes may make the employees angry and may invite the wrath of the governmental agencies due to inaccurate reporting. Sometimes these situations may pave the way for audits. No business wants to confront such challenging situations.

  1. Keeping track of latest changes

It is not possible for the business owners to keep track of the constantly changing laws of the government. The professional law firms are well informed about the latest developments in this sector, and they can handle all these formalities with ease.

  1. Increased data security

One of the complicated operations in business is payroll. It is also risky because the chances of identity theft and possibilities of intentional meddling with the accounts are high if you handle the job internally. Fraud is a quite a common problem in these organizations. Professional service providers have multiple servers which assist them in maintaining data confidentiality.

Appropriate service provider

Using a suitable payroll company will prove to be beneficial to any enterprise irrespective of its size. Having the right assistance will ensure you mental peace. You can now turn your attention to the core aspects of the business.

How to Find Legal Help When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Are you facing any legal issue? If you require legal representation, but you do not have to afford capability, then you have to look for other options. There are some services available for you when you are not in a position to afford legal representation. Keep in mind that these services differ from city to city and also from state to state. Even if your friends are availing of the services be prepared to have an entirely different experience from them. This difference will arise because of the nature of the work and specific location.

Service offerings

Some lawyers offer pro bono services. These kinds of services are available free of cost. They can cover a wide variety of matters ranging from bankruptcy, family law and disability and workplace issues.

  • Legal clinics

These clinics are generally arranged by law schools. The clinics are supervised by the faculty members, and the students receive law school credit in place of their work done in the real world. In these clinics, students perform various tasks just like an attorney. They conduct research, draft briefs and other documents and interview the clients whenever necessary. The clinics give an opportunity to the third year students, and in some states, even second-year students are given a chance to appear in courts. In general, these clinics are pro bono. The students are immensely benefitted because they get practical exposure before taking a plunge in the job market. They cover various aspects of the law – community, family, human rights, immigration, environmental and tax issues.

  • Law firms

Just as the number of the law firm has shown an upward trend, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking legal assistance. Some firms provide legal  support free of cost. A vast majority of these firms get their funding from private donations, various grants, and services corporations. The legal clinics are aware of these firms. If you contact any such clinic, they will recommend you for the specialized firms from whom you can get relevant assistance in your field.

  • Contact attorneys who work pro bono

Some of the attorneys may give you substantial discounts. You may even come across an attorney who is ready to work pro bono. Some attorneys are willing to accept cases on a contingency fee basis. They are ready to represent you even if you are not in a position to pay their hourly rates. Generally, these lawyers are quite selective about the cases they accept.

Check out their competency

Some people represent themselves in court. However, this is an extremely risky affair because they do not have the adequate legal services expertise to tackle the issue in court. If you want to represent yourself in court, then you need to be prepared and study for several hours before making an appearance in court. Most people do not have so much time at their disposal. So it is a wise idea to have an attorney work on your behalf. Make sure that the quality of work is not compromised and they have adequate knowledge to deal with your specific case.

5 Legal Issues That Every Consultant Should Know

Are you planning to start out as an independent consultant? Along the way, you may come across various challenges especially legal ones. It is a wise idea to develop an understanding of these legal matters so that you can minimize the chances of falling into trouble. These issues may, of course, vary from one country to another. If you are working in an independent capacity, then you have entered into a contractual relationship with the clients. In lieu of an agreed fee, you are ready to provide services according to the contract.

Discussion of legal issues

The contracts may be either written or oral. These agreements may also be partly verbal and partly written. Some of the legal issues about which you should have a clear concept are outlined below.

  1. Legal relationship

It is always a good idea to have a written contract to avoid disputes in future. A written contract has the capability of eliminating any difficulty which may have arisen due to communication gap. Before entering into this type of contractual relationship make efforts to understand the legal Consultants obligations. You should be aware that in certain countries if you enter into the long-term contractual relationship, then your legal status may be that of an employee rather than being awarded the status of a consultant.

  1. Tax implications

When you are an employee of an organization, it is the employer who takes care of all your calculations relating to salaries and withholding of amounts for taxes payable to the government on your behalf.

  • Handle independently  Now as a consultant you are required to take care of these aspects by yourself. You are the one who is responsible for doing all the required calculations, and you also have to calculate the taxes according to the tax system prevailing in the country.
  • Know about the deductions  In many countries, most of the taxes are paid to the government on a monthly basis. Instead of landing up with a substantial tax bill at the end of the year it is always advisable to make monthly payments. Sometimes expenses related to a business may be allowed as deductions. This can reduce your tax bills to a significant extent.
  1. Value-added tax

In some countries, there are value-added taxes associated with the fees charged by the consultants. It is essential to run a check with all these provisions so that you do not face any conflicting situation later. If these kinds of fees are subject to these taxes and if you have failed to charge them to your clients then you may end up being personally responsible.

  1. Protection against lawsuits

You may be required to go in for professional insurance in certain instances. If you are working in an independent capacity, then it might so happen that your work has adversely impacted the client or you may have failed to meet the contractual obligations on your end due to some reasons. In those cases, professional insurance will offer you protection.

  1. Copyright ownership

During your consulting work, you may have created intellectual property. In such cases, you may claim property rights. You should have a prior understanding with the client about the ownership of such copyrights. All these aspects should be stated in the contract so that the client does not assume they have ownership as it is work made for hire.

Seek professional assistance

It is a prudent idea to take the help of a professional attorney while entering into contractual obligations. Before you choose any such legal services by professional, make sure that he is a reliable specialist who has a firm standing in the industry.

How to Hire Corporate Law Firms In Delhi

For every business, the presence of a lawyer makes a vital difference. Understanding the corporate law is a different ballgame altogether and you need the help of experts that are through with the legal aspects. Whether to focus on experience or knowledge should largely remain the priority of the organization but there are things that are to be extracted from the core. After all, every organization wants to stay away from legal hassles which are reason enough for hiring the experts. Most of the organizations make the mistake of hiring a lawyer after being sued but it is not the right decision as the directions about the solutions to resolve them; legal complexities must come in advance.

  • Choosing the big names :

You may not go with the big names while choosing corporate law firms in Delhi even though they can help you get the mileage when you want to steal the show from that of your competitors. On the other hand, many of them are not as dedicated as the mid-sized companies and moreover, you will not face the burden of paying a hefty sum of money. Instead of going by the name and reputation you can try to choose to affirm which offers you the freedom to coordinate and the rates of the services are within the budget.

  • Experience and fixed rates :

There is nothing to deny that the experience of the legal service is important as the handling procedures must change according to the intensity of the case. Just as you take care while hiring Hr consultancy services it is good to hire companies that offer fixed rates for handling cases. Before allowing the expenses to shoot through the roof you need to talk to the firm and state the work that you want them to do and make sure that you can get everything in writing.

Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Labour Law consultants are those agencies which provide all-encompassing services for understanding, interpreting and implementing the laws and legislation related to employment and HR. These laws can be difficult to comprehend for those who do not have much of a legal background, and so these top labour consultants in Delhi are there to help you out in the same.

Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Here are some excellent labour law consultants in Delhi

  • Lexus Labour Law Consultants:- Lexus Labour Law Consultants in Delhi deal with a whole lot of issues related to labour and employment laws like Weight and Measurement, Fire NOC, CGHS empanelment, service and industrial matters, FSSAI licenses and so on. They are associated with a number of small and medium companies in Delhi and in some other Indian cities as well as Mumbai and Chennai. Lexus Labour provides employee and compliance management, factory compliance management, manpower audit, payroll services and other end-to-end labour legislation consultations.
  • EZ HR Consultant:- At EZ HR Consultant, you will not only get a comprehensive legal help regarding labour laws including audits and compliance rules, but you will also be provided with complete HR consultancy and assistance. They provide periodic training programmes for your existing workforce and orientation training for the newly recruited as well. Together they help a number of Indian youth to land the best jobs and also help the companies find the best talent for their workforce.
  • Bhasin Associates:- Bhasin Associates is a labour law consultancy firm in New Delhi working for the best interest of hiring companies as well as employees. For three decades, they have been showing expertise in the management of salary and wages, Provident Fund for employees, gratuity, safety and security and fair compensation for the working class and the middle management and so on. They specialise in drawing up tailor-made, customised workforce strategies within the grounds of labour law in a way that benefits both the parties – hirer and hired.
  •  JP Sharma Consultant:- One of the known names in the field of employment and labour Law Firm in the Delhi – NCR region, JP Sharma Consultants are advisors of labour management to a considerable number of clients. Over the last one decade and a half, they have provided service to PSUs, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, construction establishments, hotels, security services, manufacturing concerns and the ever-mighty IT industry and so on.
  • Future Age:- Future Age Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd is a pan Indian labour law firm providing HR and labour law consultancy throughout India. It takes care of a number of issues that fall under employee rights and is covered in the various labour laws of Indian constitution like Factories Act, Minimum Wages, payment of gratuity, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Taxes and so on.

The firm is a joint venture between the foreign establishment Law Forte and two Delhi-based consultancy firms Future HR Solutions Group and New Age Compact HR Solutions. Together they form one of the largest nation-wide labour compliance firms in the country.

  • There are more such labour law firms in the capital of India that provide similar services in a thereasonable and cost-effective budget.


Better Performance Management System for Employees

Performance of the employees is the key factor in the success of any business enterprise. It can make or break a company – be it in the production department or marketing or sales. Having a comprehensive system that looks after the performance evaluation of employees is needed by every organisation. That is where Performance Management System comes in.

What is Performance Management System?

A Performance Management System helps the company to attain the organisational as well as individual goals set down by the top brass administrators. Its main objective is to keep track of all the individual employees and their overall contribution to the department, to the project groups they are part of and to the organisation on the whole.

This forms the basis of job evaluation and employee management system which helps in determining the success of the HR management.

The importance of Performance Management System

The important aspects of a good Performance Management System include the following:

1. Goals and targets

It obviously takes into consideration the overall and individual objectives delegated to each employee and what exactly their role is in the big picture. Without the benchmark of a target, there will be nothing to match the employee’s contribution with to do the right evaluation and review of performance. It is to be kept in mind that the individual goals should be fair and realistic and in lines with the corporate ones.

2. Good communication

A good performance management system must have a clear and transparent communication in both directions of the flow. Superiors must convey the targets in specific strategic facts and the feedback coming from the Employees should also be the same. It helps in fighting ambiguity and opaqueness which are quite harmful and ahindrance to actual progress.

3. Balance between flexibility and control

The employees need to be allowed a certain degree of autonomy and flexibility to attain the goals in the ways best suitable for them. But at the same time, there must also be a control put on by the authority to a certain extent that follows thehierarchical command-compliance system. Only then there will be an equal and healthy balance between the two.

4. Continuous employee performance review

By continuous we do not mean daily, but rather a generic sense of frequency at which rate the employees are to be notified of their progress or lack of it and how it is being considered by the organisation. Performance evaluation is quite pointless if the concluded information about the employee contribution is kept with the authorities and not shared with the individuals – without feedback or a benchmark of expectation, their performances are not likely to get better on its own.

5. Action on performances

The most important aspect of employee, performance management system, is the consequence of it. The organisation must take action on whatever evaluation comes forward – if it a negative one then the employee must be held accountable,and if it is a positive one, then they must also be rewarded.

Performance management system in an organization helps in detailing of goals and helps the organization to identify poor performances and allows them to come with ideas to tackle these problems.

What are the benefits of legal consultancy services?

Hiring legal consultancy services has been a widely debated topic in businesses. While some prefer having a legal consultant at their service, others are fairly sceptical about it and opt not to. They fail to see the benefits of having a legal consultancy service permanently and prefer seeking the help of a lawyer every now and then; which is not wrong, but is not as beneficial for their trade as is hiring a Legal Consultant.

What are the benefits of legal consultancy services?

If you are one of those who fails to see the benefits a legal consultant and his services can bring to you, here’s a list that would surely help you see the myriad of benefits:

  • Cheaper representation: All business must be familiar with the fact that they will need some legal representative. While hiring a full-time lawyer can be much more expensive, hiring a legal consultancy service can be marginally cheap. To say that legal consultancy services are highly expensive is a misnomer in this sense. You do need legal services; a consultant is a cheaper option.
  • Knowledge of Laws: Every business and its activities are bound by a huge number of laws. It is presumably not possible for non-legal background persons to know them all and understand the meaning and extent of each of those laws. Hiring a Legal Consultant will mean that he will know everything legal there is to know with regards to your business and provide all information needed for the benefit of the business.
  • Strategy Planning: Planning your business strategy must be completely in line with the local, national, and even international laws. If your practices are illegal, you will be facing a lot of trouble. A legal consultant will help you chalk out your strategy to prevent any unlawful or trouble inviting practices.
  • Dealing with unforeseen situations: Even after planning out all your strategies, if an unforeseen event occurs like for example the law is changed, the legal consultant will know how to deal with the situation quickly and effectively. He will remove a huge burden off your shoulders in case of an unforeseen situation.
  • Advising: A legal consultant can provide legal advice on any step of the business. Starting from the establishment and extending to a lawsuit (which is the worst thing a business can hope for); a legal consultant will handle it all. He will provide you with all precautionary steps to avoid a lawsuit, but in case you enter one, he will help you work it out. In addition to this, he will also help you find loopholes in all your dealings that will benefit you without getting you to do anything illegal.

These are just some of the very many benefits that a legal consultancy service can provide you with. There are many more benefits that come from hiring legal services. If you are one of those who thinks hiring a legal consultant’s services is a waste of money, read the above benefits and think again!

How To Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

If you are looking for the right professional labour law consultants, it is quite similar to any other form of service hiring. You need to make sure that you are not wasting your precious time and money and also expectations. Moreover, laws and legalities are highly sensitive matters, and it is only right that you try and find the best one for yourself.

Find The Right Professional Labour Law Consultants?

Here are some tips to find the right professional labour law consultant in the industry:

  • Ask their credentials:- You will be well within your rights to ask the background and credentials of the labour law consultants you are hiring. If they are exactly what they claim to be, they should not have any problem in sharing that information with you. Ask as many questions as you want. Make query about their previous cases, study them and look for any reputed companies that they might have served before. Don’t look for flashy, look for quality. A short but comprehensive firm portfolio is better than a long and vague one.
  • Do not fall for exaggerations:- The advertisements in brochures or posters might not be as authentic as they claim to be. Even if they answer your questions in the interview, keep an eye and ear out to catch any signs of lack of transparency, any sort of doubtful statements, any too good to be true claims – these are usually the catches which they use to get clients but you need to be careful about them.
  • Do a background check on your own:- Visit the firm website, gather as much feedback as you can online and off it, and match whether those reviews are line with what the labour law consultancy firm is claiming. If it does, then all is good and fine, you might consider hiring them. But if it does not, then we have got a problem.
  • Ask which aspects they cover:- There are various aspects of labour law – Factories Act, Minimum Wages Act and Labour Welfare Fund and much other safety, security, health and awareness, compensation and retirement schemes that fall under labour law. Before going into further details, get an idea of what all they cover in their services and whether that will suit your needs or you require something more.
  • Ask about the payment structure:- Once both the parties agree upon the services that will be rendered, it is time to get down to the topic of fees. The labour law firms have different rates depending on what service you choose. Whether it is a one-time consultation or occasional service or continuous employee and labour law management – that will decide how much you will have to pay them. Also ask whether the payment is weekly or monthly or bi-annually, at per hour basis or per employee basis, whether additional charges be included in the bill – all these needs to be absolutely clear before you jump the bandwagon.

Keep these simple tips in mind before hiring your labour law consultants, and you might be in the safe zone as far as your workforce management is concerned.