Total Employee Compensation Reviews

Do your employees fully understand their total compensation?

Do you think it’s time taking to explain the philosophy of compensation to them?

At EZ HR Consultants, we try to bridge this gap between the management and the staff by bringing in complete solutions in total employee compensation.

Apart from the basic salary, there are many other expenses that a company pays for an employee on an annual basis, such as on

  • Training & Education
  • Supporting & Development
  • Rewards and
  • Retaining

But it has been noted many times that most of the employees in an organization have faint or no idea about all the expenses the organization is bearing for them. As a result, all the effort on an employee goes unrecognized, thereby failing to motivate him as it should be.

With EZ HR Consultants taking this initiative for you, now your employees can get a clear idea about their total employee compensation. And for this you need not waste your precious time and resources.

How can we help?

  • We will develop compensation plans for various positions in your organization. This will be based upon KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas), tasks, education and training, skill development etc.
  • We will explain each employee separately about their compensation plan. This will give them a clear idea about their complete pay package and also motivate them to set higher targets within the organizational ladder.
  • We will train your in-house HR team and accounts department so that they can handle all kinds of queries related to total employee compensation.


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