Know more about Liasoning Services

A Liasoning Service is generally set up in a corporate background. It is a service whereby one person acts as the link of communication between two groups or parties. He communicates ideas, deals, and any other information required between two parties and keeps their activities coordinated.

More about Liaison Services

The person acting as the link is known as a Liaison Officer or a Liaison Consultant. This is the basic job description of a Liasoning Services officer’s job. The details of vary widely from one job field to another. Some common duties of a liasoning officer are:

  • Putting in applications of the parties: In some fields, a liaison officer is asked to collect applications of the customers, for example, in the registration and government departments, where government or the company acts as one party and another company or person acts as another party; the liaison is required to put in an application of the customer before the first party.
  • Processing those applications: It is the work of the liaison officer to process these applications in the course of his work. This means, checking all the information, required additional documents (if required) and forwarding it by the means described by the employer.
  • Obtaining approvals on behalf of the applier: Each application needs to be approved by higher authorities (as must be told by the employer) and it is the duty of the Liasoning officer to get that approval as soon as possible.
  • Creating a communication link between two parties with him acting at the centre: This is the main part of the job. He needs to be a good communicator between the two entities. He must provide each party with the information gathered from the other party and so on. Since he is the link of communication between the two parties, they depend upon him to know details.
  • Keeping the activities of both parties coordinated: He must keep both parties up to speed with the activities done or soon to be done by the other party so that they do not lag behind. Both the parties need to be on the same footing and have complete knowledge about the activities of the other party.
  • Providing full and complete knowledge to both parties: The Liaison Officer must never withhold any information communicated to him by one party for the knowledge of the other party. He must truthfully and completely give all of the information communicated to him.

These are the basic tasks and duties of a liasoning officer. In addition to this, he must be truthful and be bound by ethical practices and not take advantage of his work. He must provide his services without any mal intention. The work of a Liaison Officer is guided by the terms of his employer,and he must strictly observe the rules. A lot of lawyers and legal practitioners often become liaison officers as well as Liaison Consultants as the job does include a large part of legal services and knowing relevant laws. Liasoning services are aimed at making the work of unknown parties’ easier and providing effective communication between them

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