Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Labour Law consultants are those agencies which provide all-encompassing services for understanding, interpreting and implementing the laws and legislation related to employment and HR. These laws can be difficult to comprehend for those who do not have much of a legal background, and so these top labour consultants in Delhi are there to help you out in the same.

Labour Law Consultant in Delhi

Here are some excellent labour law consultants in Delhi

  • Lexus Labour Law Consultants:- Lexus Labour Law Consultants in Delhi deal with a whole lot of issues related to labour and employment laws like Weight and Measurement, Fire NOC, CGHS empanelment, service and industrial matters, FSSAI licenses and so on. They are associated with a number of small and medium companies in Delhi and in some other Indian cities as well as Mumbai and Chennai. Lexus Labour provides employee and compliance management, factory compliance management, manpower audit, payroll services and other end-to-end labour legislation consultations.
  • EZ HR Consultant:- At EZ HR Consultant, you will not only get a comprehensive legal help regarding labour laws including audits and compliance rules, but you will also be provided with complete HR consultancy and assistance. They provide periodic training programmes for your existing workforce and orientation training for the newly recruited as well. Together they help a number of Indian youth to land the best jobs and also help the companies find the best talent for their workforce.
  • Bhasin Associates:- Bhasin Associates is a labour law consultancy firm in New Delhi working for the best interest of hiring companies as well as employees. For three decades, they have been showing expertise in the management of salary and wages, Provident Fund for employees, gratuity, safety and security and fair compensation for the working class and the middle management and so on. They specialise in drawing up tailor-made, customised workforce strategies within the grounds of labour law in a way that benefits both the parties – hirer and hired.
  •  JP Sharma Consultant:- One of the known names in the field of employment and labour Law Firm in the Delhi – NCR region, JP Sharma Consultants are advisors of labour management to a considerable number of clients. Over the last one decade and a half, they have provided service to PSUs, schools, colleges and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, construction establishments, hotels, security services, manufacturing concerns and the ever-mighty IT industry and so on.
  • Future Age:- Future Age Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd is a pan Indian labour law firm providing HR and labour law consultancy throughout India. It takes care of a number of issues that fall under employee rights and is covered in the various labour laws of Indian constitution like Factories Act, Minimum Wages, payment of gratuity, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Taxes and so on.

The firm is a joint venture between the foreign establishment Law Forte and two Delhi-based consultancy firms Future HR Solutions Group and New Age Compact HR Solutions. Together they form one of the largest nation-wide labour compliance firms in the country.

  • There are more such labour law firms in the capital of India that provide similar services in a thereasonable and cost-effective budget.


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